Your Turn Challenge, Day 2: Doin’ It Well


I’m participating in the #YourTurnChallenge: 7 days, 7 prompts, 7 posts. This is Day 2.


Tell us about something that’s important to you.

There are so many ways to go with this, and all of them seem so cliché…I’ll just be as honest as possible.

Doing things right is important to me. This can mean all kinds of things; but as far as the business goes, it means:

  • Conducting all our business on the up and up. Nothing under the table, no skirting around compliance requirements, no sneaky tax loopholes, no balking at fees or fines if we’ve earned them. Fair is fair.
  • Keeping the quality of our product sky-high. We don’t sell a single thing we don’t love; and we’d rather give away or repurpose an imperfect batch of something than package and sell it full-price. And if anyone buys something from us that they don’t love, we want to hear about it.
  • Treating our customers with the utmost respect and offering a sympathetic ear. They keep our business running, and it’s my personal mission to make sure every single person who has an encounter with us walks away happy — even if they come into it with an issue that needs resolving. A customer’s perspective is invaluable to maintaining and elevating our standards.
  • Always striving for more. We’re in a constant state of improvement; whether that means streamlining our online store, clarifying our in-store signage, or developing rewards for loyal customers (one of my current projects). We do our best every day; but things can always get a little bit better.

 In my personal life, I try to uphold these same qualities: respect, honesty, attention to detail, ability to listen, and openness to learning and improving. (Which is not to say I succeed 100% of the time; and that’s okay, too.)

What’s important to you?