What we’re cooking up at Industry City…

Our Industry City retail store is open, and we’re super pumped! We’ve been making and taste-testing tons of new sweet and savory treats here; someone’s gotta do it, right? We’ve already started selling some standard sweet treats like cake and cookies; but here are some of the newer ideas that’ve been thrown around for breakfast alone. 

Top: Apple-Pecan Coffee Cake

Bottom: Cheesy Bacon Cornbread Muffins


Gettin’ sexy with that cinnamon bun frosting.


Cheddar-Chive Brioche? Bien sûr!

Rosemary Focaccia. Savory baked goods ftw.


This should give you an idea of all the magic that’s happening here at IC. We hope to be serving lunch in the next week or two, and offering coffee and tea not too long after that. Hope to see you here soon!