The 12 Days of Tour Stops: Day 9

no, not THAT prince…

Fantabulous job, Rebekah Weingartner! Minneapolis is home to the largest continuous system of contained pedestrian walkways in the world. We see how those would come in handy in the winter, especially if Minneapolis gets that fun gray-margarita-slush stuff on the corners like we do in New York. Minneapolis is also home to the famed Guthrie Theater, more Fortune 500 companies than any other state (19!), and Prince. Need we say more? Obviously, we can’t wait to visit Minneapolis — where’s the food scene at?

Moving along to Day 9.


On the ninth day of tour stops my publicist gave to me,

800+ Art Deco buildings

A system of climate-controlled skyways [Minneapolis]

70 bronze longhorn steers [Dallas]

1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats [Austin]

Four hundred and forty-six bridgessss! [Pittsburgh]

The first word spoken on the moon [Houston]

An original (American) Irish coffee [San Francisco]

A giant copper acorn [Raleigh]

And the country’s first revolving eateryyy! [Seattle]

 If you’ve been holding back, now’s your chance! Only 3 more clues left!