The 12 Days of Tour Stops: Day 8


Kudos, Becky Fussman-Thomas! You know that one of the largest bronze monuments in the world, featuring 70 bronze longhorn steers and 3 trail riders to keep ’em all corralled, is in Pioneer Plaza – downtown Dallas, TX! We hear Dallas has some really great architecture, and we couldn’t be more excited for the barbecue. Where are the best places to eat? (Aside from the French Room at the Adolphus. We’re not that fancy yet.)

While you’re pondering, here’s your clue for Day 8.


On the eighth day of tour stops my publicist gave to me,

A system of climate-controlled skyways 

70 bronze longhorn steers [Dallas]

1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats [Austin]

Four hundred and forty-six bridgessss! [Pittsburgh]

The first word spoken on the moon [Houston]

An original (American) Irish coffee [San Francisco]

A giant copper acorn [Raleigh]

And the country’s first revolving eateryyy! [Seattle]

Have at it!