The 12 Days of Tour Stops: Day 6

The rumors are true — we’re going to Pittsburgh, PA!  (And three cheers to Rachel Black for guseeing correctly.) Pittsburgh is also known as the City of Bridges, because of…well, all the bridges.  The spelling was briefly changed to “Pittsburg” around the turn of the 20th century, but the citizens raised a fuss and insisted it be returned to its original spelling. Power to the people! Pittsburgh is also home to some fantastic professional sports teams (Steelers, anyone? Pirates? Penguins?) and a bunch of unique dialects and regionalisms – as well as tons of awesome food.  What’s the inside scoop? (Aside from Primanti Bros, of course.)


Awright, who’s ready for Day 6?


On the sixth day of tour stops my publicist gave to me,

1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats 

Four hundred and forty-six bridgessss! [Pittsburgh]

The first word spoken on the moon [Houston]

An original (American) Irish coffee [San Francisco]

A giant copper acorn [Raleigh]

And the country’s first revolving eateryyy! [Seattle]

Good luck…