Jen King on Wedding Cakes and Tally-Hos

Here’s a guest post by our very own Jen on how she came up with our brand-new, ultra-delicious Tally-Hos, a.k.a. mini mallocakes – AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW in our online store! (Does it count as a guest post if the “guest” is one of the founders?  …Well, anyway.) Enjoy!

Jonathan (left, in cool glasses) with Jen (right, also in cool glasses).

I have always been fascinated with wedding cakes, which is odd since I’m not really a “bride” sorta gal. But I do really, really love wedding cakes. As it happens, I am getting married in the fall; and, alas, my fiancé Jonathan doesn’t really like cake (which has turned out to be a blessing because I can choose which flavor the wedding cake will be!). But it made me a little sad, not having something he really loved on the dessert table.

Giant Mallocake, pre-chocolating.

A few weeks ago, I had just made a batch of our chocomallow cookies (think homemade Mallomars), and Jonathan had such a grin on his face as he ate one; it got me thinking that it would be cool to have some at the wedding, so he could have some kind of groom’s cake. So I started to look around the kitchen, and happened upon a 10″ cake ring. A light bulb went on in my head – I realized I could do a giant chocomallow!



It worked beautifully – once it set, the big mallow-cake slid right out of the ring, and it just needed to be coated in chocolate. [Check out photos of the chocolate coating process on our Facebook page!]


I got really excited after that; I worked and played around a little more, and decided it would be super cute if we made mini cakes. I grabbed some flexi molds, baked off some smaller cookies, and made more marshmallow – then went through the whole process again for each mold. When I popped them out of the molds, Michelle and Jessie were all squeals and laughs – they were adorable. I dipped them in chocolate, added a white chocolate “L,” and we all just stared at them for a while, thinking: we have a winner!



…She makes it sound so easy, doesn’t she? Check out more photos of the Tally-Ho process on our Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by!  And again, you can buy these babies online right now. I highly recommend it.-Liz