holy guacamole — more press than you can shake a stick at!

photo courtesy of Serious EatsOkay kids, here’s the deal: we love making candy.  and we love sending it to you.  and we love giving you pretty pictures of our sweets.  but this is MADNESS.

-First, Tasting Table warms us up with a feature on yours truly, highlighting the infamous Beer & Pretzels.

-Then, DailyCandy features our Slurtles in their Gifts for Gourmands guide.

-Finally, Serious Eats issues a 6-bar takedown with their Best Artisanal Chocolates article.

What are you trying to do, media?  Smother us?  All we’re trying to do is make awesome candy for people and here you go — *shudder* — EXPOSING us like this.  It’s inhumane, I tell you!

…aww, we’re just joshing.  We love it.  Though we do have to ask you to simma dahn nah a little — due to demand, our turnaround has slowed up a bit.  But fear not — we’ll be back in fantastic shape in time for the holidays!  And of course, for you locals, we’re at the Flea every day till the end of the outdoor season (Nov. 21); and then we move to Manhattan for the Gifted Holiday Market!  (more info to come.)

So enjoy it while it lasts, paparazzi.  We’ll get our lives back to normal someday…