Summer Shipping Q’s and A’s


If you’ve been on our online store recently, you may have had one or both of the following reactions:

1. Why can’t I just buy ONE candy bar? I just need a wee bit of candy to tide me over until Halloween.
2. Wait, shipping costs $30?? That’s insane, I’m getting out of here and eating some Andes Mints* instead.

*Andes Mints are awesome and I will never fault you for choosing them instead of our products. There’s room for both of us in this world.

While we don’t like inconveniencing folks, we realize these changes may have that effect. But we want to explain why these changes have occurred and that (hooray!) they are only temporary.

1. Why is shipping so expensive?
Short answer: it’s hot!

Long answer: We make chocolates and candies without any preservatives. When they’re shipped in hot weather, they can melt, bloom, crystallize, or otherwise degrade in some way that makes them less delicious. To combat this, we’re only shipping via FedEx 2-Day Shipping for the summer months, and we’re using LOTS of insulation and ice packs to ensure your candy arrives in pristine condition. Express shipping is expensive for a small business like ours, even when we’re working to get the best rates possible.

2. Why do I have to order $35 worth of product?
In order to minimize our shipping rates and supplies used, we’ve decided to institute a minimum order for the summer. Shipping one candy bar to Arizona in July is expensive no matter what; shipping 4 candy bars is going to be a little bit cheaper per bar. Also, we can only stock so many sizes of boxes, insulation, and ice packs, and we want to get the most bang for our buck so we don’t have to pass on so much of the cost to you, our extremely good-looking customers.

3. For the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, when will this end?
Worry not, it will end! We don’t have a set date when we won’t need to ship Express, that depends on how long & how hot this summer will be. We expect it to be sometime after Labor Day, and definitely by the end of September. We will trumpet the news from the mountaintops once ground shipping returns.

4. UGH, I placed my order on Wednesday; now it’s Friday and it hasn’t even shipped yet!
Take a deep breath, friends. Because we’re only using 2-Day shipping, that means we need to send out everything by Wednesday morning so that it doesn’t end up sitting in a hot warehouse over the weekend. If you place your order after 10 a.m on a Wednesday, it probably won’t ship until the following Monday.

I hope this answers your questions about summer shipping! If you have any other questions, shoot me an email at or find us on our various social media channels.

Happy Summer, everyone!