Links: Spirit Vegetables, Expiration Dates, and More

photo: Smitten Kitchen

photo: Smitten Kitchen

Finally: summa-summa-summa-time! (At least the weather seems to think so…) 

🌽 – It’s prime farmer’s market season, which means….time to find out your spirit vegetable! (I am Florence Fennel, which is also my drag name.)

😂 – This kid’s spirit vegetable is abundantly clear.

👏 – Standardized food dating is getting more support. (Check out this 99pi episode for why the current situation is confusing and contributes to massive food waste.)

 💐 – A lot of thought goes into the floral displays at your favorite restaurants.

 💃 – Beyoncé knows what’s up, this stuff is delicious.

 😛 – Dates: not just for health food anymore! [I grew up in Southern California, and on our many trips out to the desert we would always stop at Hadley – not too far from the desert dinosaurs – to get date shakes. They’re truly delicious. -Liz.]