Sneaky Popcorn

Today is a big day. After months of researching and testing and adjusting and testing some more, Jen has finally cracked the code. We’ve concocted a TOTALLY VEGAN caramel corn… THAT DOESN’T TASTE VEGAN.

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A little background: we often get asked about vegan products. As we’re classically-trained dealers in butter and sugar, and taste has always been our #1 priority, the impetus to accommodate our vegan friends unfortunately kept getting kicked down the list (after, you know, keeping a business running and growing.) But after the success of our vegan Pâtes de Fruits, Jen began looking for another challenge.

Real Talk – everyone loves the Bourbon-Bacon Caramel Corn. And the classic Caramel Corn was tasty, but we wanted to give it a little extra “oomph”…but no one at Liddabit (sorry vegans) is actually vegan.But there are beautiful vegan people all around us, so – why not try for a vegan caramel corn?

BUT (yes I am French, there is always a “but”) the challenge was to create a vegan recipe that didn’t taste vegan – meaning, for us, lacking in rich flavor and that classic caramel-corn crunch. After Jen did some searching and a few substitutions, she landed on coconut milk and oil as a replacement for dairy. For transparency, here’s the full ingredient list for the Coco Caramel Corn:



• Tapioca Syrup
• Coconut Milk
• Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
• Organic Coconut Palm Sugar
• Cane Sugar
• Amish County Popcorn

(And it’s all totally non-GMO.)

You don’t have to like coconut to like this popcorn.”

Now the challenge was to create a caramel corn made with coconut ingredients that didn’t taste overwhelmingly coconutty. (Jen definitely loves challenging herself!) It’s taken a lot of hard work but now we can definitively say that we have THE recipe.

How do we know? Well, we sampled it out to our customers at Industry City, of course – and here’s the proof!

coco corn feedback

“Delish, not too sweet, nice crunch”

“Even as someone who is not vegan, I would eat the hell out of that”

“Very tasty”

“Great popcorn! Doesn’t taste vegan”

“Sure it is vegan?”




Once we had the recipe down, the next challenge was to find a name that conveyed the delicious crunch and subtle hint of coconut without sounding too vegan…we didn’t want to scare away any non-vegans with our terrifying plant-based confectionery treats! 😱😱😱😱

That’s where you, dear Liddabit lovers, came in and helped us solve this little problem on Instagram! We were so happy to see all the responses we got, and it really got us narrowed down on the name.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.34.03 PM


So after all this, we are thrilled to introduce you…our brand-new COCO CARAMEL CORN!