Tasting One for the Team: Nopey Holidays

The holidays tend to be pretty busy for us 

are when we do most of our sales for the year 

generally make us want to die a little bit because we’re running around like crazy people for months on end. Trust me, I have a whole bag overflowing with crazy, crazy snacks to foist upon my unsuspecting* colleagues here at Liddabit; but since we’ve been so busy making, packaging, and sending out candy, I haven’t had a chance to do a fresh version since our Autumnal Horrorshow in October. So let’s fire up the old time-traveling phone booth and see what there is to see.

*oops, I mean “deeply suspicious.”



Untitled design


I wasn’t too familiar with Goldfish Grahams before I picked these beauties up, so I had no idea what to expect from these. Were they salty or sweet? Hollow or solid? How are they Strawberry Shortcake flavored as opposed to just Strawberry? Eagle-eyed Michelle pointed out that the first ingredient on the list is “SMILES,” so that really helped clear things up.





Untitled design (18)

Ah, I get it now. Super. Thanks.



Jen: “They’re very strawberry-y. Oh, wait, I got it! They’re like the crunchies on the outside of a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. They’re not bad!”

Untitled design (3)


Michelle: “You know what they are? They’re Pocky. …Holy sh*t these are good.”

Untitled design (4)


Monique: “It’s like Strawberry Quik, if Strawberry Quik were less disgusting. They’re good!”

Untitled design (5)


Jessie: “It’s okay. Definitely a lot of fake strawberry.”

Untitled design (2)


Liz (me): “They’re super fake, but I’m kinda into it.”

Untitled design (6)



Surprisingly tasty! Negative-one BLERGH. Would eat again.




Okay, so we were caught off guard by the tastiness of the grahams. Let’s try some red velvet junk!

Oh, wait. The color is…off. I don’t know what Pantone hue that is, but “red” it ain’t.

Untitled design (1)

Oh. Oh no. This is the filling? It looks like the mozzarella in a Domino’s photo shoot. (Fun Fact: that’s what food stylists refer to as “pull.” Gross.) Jen’s first up.



Jen: “Oooh, I shouldn’t have smelled it. The smell is worse than the taste…it tastes like a stale cookie with stale frosting.”

Untitled design (7)


Monique: “Oh my f***ing god, ew, no, this should be ILLEGAL. It’s slimy! The filling is like flour and water mixed together.” [She ran away to spit it into the trash. -Ed.]

Untitled design (8)


Jessie: “I taste supermarket frosting, like you buy in a tub.”

Untitled design (9)


Michelle: “Yeah, it’s like a grocery store cookie in the worst possible way. The aftertaste is very…chemical.”

Untitled design (10)


Liz: “It actually tastes like actual vomit.”

Untitled design (11)



Nope. Nope nope nope. Five out of five BLERGHs and a Nopetopus.


There you have it, folks. Now go eat some real homemade sweets and leave this trash for us poor lost souls.


Happy holidays!