Meet The Crew: Monique Henry


Monique has been a Production Assistant at Liddabit since 2013. I would say that her two main missions/tasks in the company are 1) to cook delicious sweets day in and day out, and 2) crack everybody up. Even when things get stressful, she always brings joy and a sense of fun to work with her. It certainly wouldn’t be the same without her!

Michelle spends a lot of time with her every day, and here are her thoughts: “It’s just wonderful to work with someone you know you can laugh with! Monique is one of the most enthusiastic and genuine people I know.” (D’awwww, isn’t that cute? Maybe we should start a #liddabitlovestory blog category…)

Now let’s ask her some questions!

What is your favorite colour? Blue (and purple).

Your favorite artist? Queens of the Stone Age.

Your favorite place in NYC? Rockaway Beach – I can stay there for hours!

Your favorite candy? The Bacon Corn!

Your favorite movie? Waitress. This movie means a lot to my friends and I.



Winter or summer? Summer.

The movies or a music festival? The movies – I don’t go there often but I really like it!

Beer or Wine? I Know more about beer but I also like wine. It depends on my mood, but I drink ANYTHING !


A celebrity you would like to marry? Idris Elba. But actually, he’s too handsome – if I saw him I would just cry and run away !

A woman that inspires you? Tina Turner. She was a big part of my childhood and my relationship with my mom. I don’t why my mom let me read I, Tina when I was 10 because it wasn’t for kids, but she has inspired me my whole life! She worked hard to reach her goals, she went on to do so many crazy things.

One food that could eat every single day? Ice cream. Cookies and cream ice cream. But it has to have real pieces of cookie in it.

Next purchase? A Hula Hoop. (I’ve always wanted to learn how to do it!)

If you had to leave the planet and you could take one person with you, who that would be? …Can I take a dog?

One thing we want to do once before you die?  To see the Northern Lights in Norway

What is your greatest fear? Not have even time to do what we want to do in our life, to have fun but also to do something important !

Something crazy you believe in? Paranormal stuff!

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? Well…I won’t say anything too crazy, we never know who’s going to read this article (I don’t want to ruin my chances with Idris Elba!)…but once, in Virgin Mega Store, I ran straight into a glass door.


It’s kind of a bummer for a cook, but Monique is lactose intolerant! So she can’t taste much of what she does at Liddabit, except now the Coco Caramel Corn! There is a workaround, though: I basically use Lactaid all the time. One of those right before I eat anything with milk in it. Almond milk too – I love it, I make it myself at home.”

*record scratch* Whaaaaat? (I’m not a cook, so I didn’t even know this was possible!) Please explain, Monique.

  • Take a bunch of almonds and soak them in water overnight.
  • The next day, rinse them well.
  • Blend them with fresh hot water to cover.
  • Let them drain in a cheese cloth.
  • Add a bit of syrup and salt and…that’s it!

Wow – who knew it was so easy?

Let’s close with a quote. Monique? “Don’t be a dick!”

Wise words we can all live by.