Meet the Crew: Michelle Miller

Here at Liddabit, our behind-the-scenes team is integral to our success. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to each member of the crew.

Today, I would love to introduce you Michelle, the head production assistant in the company for 5 years now. Liz says about Michelle: “She’s great! She is not only a very talented cook, she is also a very talented graphic designer. She has a great attitude and her sense of humor totally and directly fits with the company.”

Let’s ask her some questions! As per usual, she’s cooking with clogs on her feet and a bandana in her hair.


Ready to meet Michelle?

What is your favorite color?

Your favorite artist? David Bowie.

Your favorite place? By the ocean.

Your favorite candy? The Coffee Break Lidda-Bite!

Favorite beer for summer? Gose. It’s salty, which is kind of weird; but it’s very refreshing in hot weather!

What’s your favorite food place in Brooklyn?
The Commodore! Well, actually it’s a bar, but they serve amazing food. They have really good fried chicken sandwiches and the best nachos I’ve never had! I dream about them.



You went to the Beyoncé concert last Tuesday at Citifield! What’s your favorite Beyoncé song ?
Freedom from Lemonade – and the show was awesome, by the way. Still have the songs playing in my head.

Something you’d like to do before you die ?
Go to Istanbul. The architecture and history fascinate me! I would also love to see Macchu Picchu and Chichen Itza.

What annoys you the most ?
I hate when you’re in a place where you can hear two songs at once. It drives me crazy.

If you could have all the money you want to give a gift to someone, what would you like to offer and to who ?
My parents. I am so grateful to them, they have done so much for me. I’d love to take them on a trip around the world. I’m more an experience person – I prefer take someone to an amazing restaurant than to buy them a watch or something. It makes more sense to me.



If you had an elephant, what would you do ?
Love it, get other elephants and more space. Own an elephant ranch in California probably. That could be so much fun! That’s my new dream life.

What do you enjoy the most working at Liddabit Sweets?
Every day is different, you have new challenges and all the crazy things that are going on. I love the people who work there. As cheesy as that may be to admit, it makes me happy to spend my day with such great people. [D’AWWWW! -Ed.]

Lightning Round: Either/Or!





Hot or iced coffee? Hot. I’m always cold, so I mostly drink hot stuff.

Cats or Dogs? I love all animals, but I’m definitely more a dog person.

Invisibility or flight? Flight – even though I’m afraid of heights!

And to finish, what would be your favorite quote:

“Do or do not. There is no try.” –Yoda

It’s been a pleasure to learn more about Michelle! She’s a key member of the team with a wide range of interests, as everybody I’ve met in the company so far.

Stay tuned to meet the rest of the team!

To be continued…