Meet the All-American Bonbon

Hola amigos! I know it’s been a little while since I rapped at ya, but I have some big news. Like, really big news. Super-extra-awesomesauce with extra awesome on top news.

You may have already seen it in the lovely piece that Saveur did, but: we launched a brand-new item! Actually, five of them. And they’re tiny and delicious and I predict you will love them. Say hello to the Lidda-Bite.


Lidda-Bites are pretty much what they sound like: two-bite versions of our famous candy bars, ready for snacking or gifting or hoarding or chopping-and-adding-to-ice-cream or whatever you feel like doing with them, really.

We’re super excited about them because a) new and shiny! and b) we’ve actually been able to use suggestions we’ve been hearing from you, our customers, for years. Whether you didn’t want to commit to a whole bar, or like to eat it over several sittings and worried about freshness, or wanted to gift some candy but weren’t sure the recipient would like the bar you ended up choosing…well, Lidda-Bites are the answer to all that.


In summary: Hooray! And also: Thank you for trusting us with your feedback. We hope we’ve done you proud.

Now go grab some Lidda-Bites! (They’re available at our Chelsea Market and Industry City locations, too.)