Links: Our French Culinary Lifesaving Surrogate Grandpa, Hydroponics, and more

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🍴 – Jacques Pepin: master chef, master of living your best life.

🍗 – “Stepping away from the wood-grilled matsutake mushrooms… and towards an uncomplicated hunk of meat is the gastronomic equivalent of collapsing into your bed at the end of a long day“: an ode to chicken tenders. (Or, why I still love Junior Mints despite working for a fancy candy company.)

🌱 – Hydroponic gardens for people like me who are terrible with plants.

😻 – So many cute food things! Surely you need a bunch of adorable bento boxes or some stuffed sushi.

 – SAVE OUR STILTON! (best read in Italian)

📔 – And the cookbook I will be dreaming about all week is…