Links: Chocolate = Smart, Indoor Figs, and more

Master Link Bike chain

🍫 – We are here
to help increase your cognitive function (and your joy quotient, obvs).

📖 – If you’re trying to pare down your cookbook collection, maybe start with the books by chefs. What should you definitely keep – or buy, if you’re just starting your collection? The Washington Post and Kitchen Arts & Letters have some suggestions.

🍋 – We’re all sick of winter, mild though it has been, so take this time to plan your indoor citrus growing! Or if you’re like me, just think about it really hard and decide that it’s too much work and you’re going to stick to the Sumo tangerines at the coop.

👜 – Fascinating read on the evolution and continued relevance of Kate Spade.

😻 – BRB, going to make this cat follow me home.