Holiday Reading: Eric Ripert, Tipping the Kitchen Staff, Pickled Cranberries & More


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After a busy holiday season, I’ve finally gotten the chance to curl up on my couch with some tea and read all of the food & business articles I saved to my Pocket months ago. Here’s some suggested reading material for those of you still on vacation:

— Happy Kitchen, Tasty Food: Eric Ripert, chef of Le Bernadin and noted silver fox, talks about the importance of bringing good vibes into the kitchen.

— Patagonia takes a different growth strategy: An outdoor goods company on redefining environmental responsibility.

— Gratuity for the kitchen? YES YES YES.

— Facebook is bumming us out. It was bound to happen eventually, so if you want to follow what’s going on in our world, sign up for our (charming and non-intrusive) email newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of the page and entering your email.

— Christmas has passed, but this podcast has some cozy treats that are just as good in January (also, British & Irish accents!)

— Are you like me and wish cranberries were available year-round? Then make these cranberry pickles and save the brine for the most refreshing shrub you’ve ever had. Or add champagne for your New Year’s Eve revelry. Or just take a spoon to the jar of pickles and go crazy, I won’t judge.

Happy 2015, everyone. We can’t wait for what the new year will bring!