Liddabit Valentine’s Lore

Even though the icy hand of winter holds NYC in its chilly grasp, we’re trying to keep warm here at Liddabit Sweets! We’ve been busy churning out the candies and treats that will keep you and your boo warm this V-Day weekend; and I thought it would be fun to poll some of the crew and ask them about their most memorable Valentines Day yarns.

Being as that we’re a company of mostly ladies, I knew I would get some great stories. Some will make you giggle, and some will warm your cynical New York heart. And don’t worry if you don’t have a Valentine’s Day squeeze: just buy some of our goodies and go make a friend. I’m tellin’ ya, it’ll work!

Also, one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, Sprinkles and Booze, made a really awesome Spotify playlist for V-Day: I’m Majorly, Totally, Butt Crazy in Love with Josh! (an awesome Clueless reference!) It’s got some really happening jams to put you in a lovin’ mood. Or at least in a dancing one.

 Now, on to the stories!

Liz Gutman, Owner – My boyfriend and I started dating at the beginning of February two years ago. We really liked each other right off the bat, but Valentine’s Day came up only two weeks into it, which is sort of an awkward time to be thinking about mushy cards and declarations of love; so I assumed it would pass by like any other day, and had an appointment to get a tooth filled. Chris sent me this about an hour before my appointment; turns out he designed it himself. 


To this day, it remains my favorite Valentine’s Day card I’ve ever received.


Kelsey Smith, Production – The first Valentine’s Day I spent with my now fiance was adorably great. We started out with bowling at The Gutter in Williamsburg and then headed over to Manhattan Inn, despite the chance that it could be terribly crowded. We walked right in and got a great table in the back, ordered a prime rib special for two, some champagne, and enjoyed some classic romantic favorites being played on the baby grand. Then they announced it was time for piano bar karaoke and at that point I had had enough liquid courage to serenade my relatively new boyfriend with “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra.

Fast forward a few years-he took me to Washington Square park where his best friend, a guitarist, was posing as a busker. He sang me the song that started it all at Manhattan Inn and asked me to marry him. We plan to use it as our first dance song at our wedding this summer. CUTE OVERLOAD. Barf. The end.


Robin Mates, Manager at Liddabit Chelsea – For four years straight I sold merchandise at the Broadway show Rock of Ages on Valentine’s Day. This involved super drunk couples laughing at t-shirts that said “Hooray for Boobies” and me convincing men that an excellent Valentine’s present for their lady friends would be a metallic thong or sequined bra.

Selling candy involves less booze and less use of the term “sexy as hell.” Usually.


Nicole Weigelt, Retail – My favorite Valentine’s Day was actually a year where I was single and spent the evening at a Denny’s with a bunch of my friends. Because…Denny’s. Because…pancakes. And because my friend kept putting straws in between his fingers and pretending he was Edward Strawhands. This Valentine’s Day, I  will be taking myself to Chipotle. Tell all the internet people they’re invited to join me!

Last but not least, my little anecdote:

Me and my boyfriend’s first Valentine’s Day together (many, many moons ago) was fraught with a lot of nervousness. We’d both been hurting from prior relationships, and were both cautiously optimist about our giddiness for each other. I had even bought an achingly twee polka dot dress for the occasion. A little later in the evening, he gave me one of the sweetest presents I’ve ever gotten. Inside a small Valentine’s gift bag were all of my favorite childhood candy and an adorable plush kitten doll that he’d just gotten from the NY Comic Con. The kitten had a tiny chef hat and clutched between her paws was a plush cake, topped with a big strawberry. He said that as he saw it, he knew it had to be mine. Many years have gone by, and while the candy is long gone, I’ve still got my little chef cat; she hangs out on my bookshelf….right next to all the cookbooks.



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!