Liddabit: The Book Tour!

It’s true – we wrote a book!  And Workman published it!  And they’re sending us on tour this October to promote it!  On tour to twelve cities, no less!  TWELVE!*  And most of these cities we haven’t even BEEN to yet!

Of course, we have to let you know which cities, so you can come by and say hello – and so we can start gleaning restaurant and tourist-stop recommendations.  But what fun would it be if I just blurted them all out at once?  NONE, I tell you!  So I’ll be doling out clues – 3 per week, to be exact, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2pm – and the first person to leave a comment with the correct guess wins a special shout-out from me and a coupon code for 10% off your next Liddabit order!

*Update: I wrote the clues to (loosely) correspond to “The 12 Days of Christmas”, but we just found out it may actually be a couple more cities than twelve.  And we might have a couple dates that are later than we originally planned.  And proviso proviso proviso.  But you can be flexible, right?  You don’t mind if I do a few more or less than 12, and they maybe are a little out of order or something?  It’s not going to ruin your life forever? OK, great! Then get ready, because Monday at 2pm, the first clue is coming your way.

See you then!