Kitchen Jams: Fall Edition

Our days can be really long in the kitchen: whipping up marshmallows, cooking up kettles of caramels, dipping honeycomb into bowls of dark chocolate…I know, it’s rough. What really makes it go quickly, though, is the music we listen to throughout the day. We do work quietly sometimes to enjoy the serenity of the morning, but, a good old fashioned sing-a-long never hurt anyone. Here’s a sampling of the tunes we’ve been listening to this past week:
Haddaway – What Is Love?

Black Box – Strike It Up

Elton John – Something About the Way You Look Tonight, Tiny Dancer

Steely Dan – Dirty Work


PS – We’re all upstate this weekend because our very own Jessie is getting married! Send some good thoughts to the happy couple and we’ll see ya next week.