Joan’s Tuesday links (on a Thursday)

flickr: kimtaro

flickr: kimtaro

Tuesday, schmuesday. Thursday is the new Tuesday, amirite?? (You don’t need to answer that.)

🔍 –  The history of Williams Sonoma is fascinating, and will soon be on display in Hyde Park.

🍆  – Where the most beautiful vegetables come from.

💁 – If you have a tiny feminist in your house, or you just like being inspired by awesome ladies, this is the book for you.

😫 – Broadway Panhandler is closing and we’re all very morose about it.

⌚️ – Are you pissed off about how long it takes to do your hair in the morning? This may make you feel better.

😍 – And for those of you who wished James Bond movies ended a little differently, this is for you.