Joan’s Tuesday Linkage

flickr: pumpkincat210

flickr: pumpkincat210

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Have you metaphorically warmed up for this week? We hope so, because it is literally cold outside!

I’m going to start sharing some of my favorite links about business, food, and ladies being awesome with you every Tuesday so you can take a Lidda-break (HAH) in the middle of your long day.

Here we go!

👉 – Did you know that our factory is in the middle of an “elite party scene”? We’re, like, totes trendsetters.

💁 – I love these women-owned businesses, the products they make, and the fact that menstruation is becoming less of a taboo subject. Hooray for feminism!

💥 – In more awesome ladybusiness news, I am currently planning a field trip here, because it sounds like the coolest hangout spot ever.

👸 – Go, Samantha Bee, Go!

🍰 – Joanne Chang, you are a rock star and I aspire to be as badass as you every day.

😔 – In sadder news, the amazing Gina DePalma recently passed away, so you should read this lovely tribute by Shuna Lydon, written in 2013. If you don’t know her, she’s the reason you love Olive Oil Gelato; and you need to go pick up a copy of Dolce Italiano immediately.