Joan’s Tuesday Linkage

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We’ve got some food history, tips to make you smarter, and various cute things today. And now that Valentine’s Day has passed, we hope to have some longer blog posts for you soon. ‘Til then, here are your links!


🍬 – Deep Dive number 1: the story behind the iconic Whitman’s Sampler

🍌 – Deep Dive number 2: Which came first, the banana or banana flavor?

😍 – Thing I want to learn how to make: Amezaiku Candies

📝 – Making me feel superior about my love for legal pads: Handwriting Makes you Smarter

📒 – Related product that I love: Get to Work Book

🐱 – Thing that made me happy: Distillery Cats. Our lives should be so good.

Have a great week, everyone!