Joan’s Lunchtime Links

Happy Tuesday Lunch, y’all! Relax and enjoy.

💆 – Angela Dimayuga knows what’s up – we need to create a culture where cooks don’t need to sacrifice their health for the job.

🍵 – Discovery of the week: courtesy of Dimayuga’s Grub Street Diet, I found kettl, a green tea purveyor with a tiny little pop-up in Williamsburg. If you love tea, you must stop by to try some incredibly nuanced green tea.

🍞 – Michael Scott’s dream comes true!

😥 – Another Brooklyn landmark is set to disappear, and this one really hurts.

⚡️– Want to try a different morning (or afternoon, or evening) pick-me-up? A few chefs are here to tell you about their secret energy-boosting concoctions.

🍑 – I wish my random texts were this fun.