Humpday Cheer-up: Two Medieval Monks Invent Dinner Parties

The Toast is one of my favorite websites ever, and Mallory Ortberg is absolutely my favorite writer on it. Behold: the invention of the dinner party.



MONK #1: lets throw a dinner party
big feast
invite everybody over
MONK #2: oh yes for sure lets
MONK #1: whats good to eat, what do people like for dinner
MONK #2: one single peacock

MONK #1: will that be enough do you think
MONK #2: well that’s what dinner is
a single peacock
so it better be

MONK #1: ok
MONK #2: people will know what to expect so theyll be prepared anyway
MONK #1: ok

MONK #1: should we have anything else ready though
just in case
MONK #2: look im telling you
dinner is a single bird
feathers on
all its feathers still on
on a big plate
thats literally what dinner is
MONK #1: ok

Read the whole amazing thing over at The Toast.