Growing Pains

Ummm, yeahhhh, soooo. It’s already been a bit since I declared that I would update the blog weekly; it appears that’s not in the cards, so I’ll dispense with the mea culpa and get back down to bidness.

As you probably know, in addition to opening our first retail space nine months ago at Chelsea Market, we’re currently building out our very own kitchen and factory space in Sunset Park. This is an amazing and necessary for Liddabit to grow; but, construction in NYC being what it is, the project has involved many extra meetings, running over to the new space at the last minute to sign for appliance deliveries, and more decisions about walls than you would ever want to imagine.

Long story short, construction takes awhile, and it always takes longer than folks tell you it will.

photo 5 (1)

Panorama of our new production space.

In the meantime, we’re having to cut down on shifts in our shared kitchen space because the guys who own it actually need to use it for their business; so now we’re stuck with a few night and/or weekend shifts per week, which:

  1. makes everyone cuckoo because it messes with our poor kitchen staff(including Jen)’s internal clocks;
  2. is SO INEFFICIENT because now we’re all doing computer-stuff at home at different times and can’t communicate with each other like we normally do; and
  3. just generally sucks because we’ve lost orders and opportunities to do events because we just can’t fill demand, which is the problem we’ve had for five straight years, which the new space will fix, but hasn’t yet, because we’re not there yet.

I can’t even tell you how crazymaking this is. We had to postpone our big birthday party; we had to temporarily shut down the online store; and each one of those feels like we’re letting you down. We want to throw a big party! We want to send you candy in the mail! We just…can’t right now.

photo 4 (1)

The shape of things to come…

So — we’re doing all we can with the resources we have. It’s not ideal, to be sure; but we’ve been doing okay hustling our best for the past five years, so we’ll make it work as well as we’re able.

As always, I want to thank all of you — all our supporters, our customers, our friends and family, our fellow small business owners — because, in the end, it’s all for you. It’s because of you that we keep going every day, and you have just as much a part in our big strides forward as any of us here at Liddabit. We’re so, so excited for this next big step, and can’t wait to have some more good/exciting news to share with you. Until then, I’ll just be over here (figuratively) gnashing my teeth and wailing like a stuck beluga until we’re in the new space. Phalanges crossed!


Liz and the Liddabit crew