Eleven Days of Liddabit: Day Three, Michelle

Now it’s Michelle‘s turn; she’s our head production assistant and retail merchandising designer. Whaddya got, Michelle?

flickr: basheertome

flickr: basheertome

What food do you only eat during the holidays? Do you look forward to it all year, or dread it?
My family goes to a Xmas eve party every year, with a bunch of friends whose kids all grew up together. When I was young, I was a sooooooper picky eater, so parties were difficult. Thankfully though, Xmas eve always featured some faves, particularly pigs in a blanket…which are tiny versions of hot dogs, which were about 47% of my diet at the time.  Needless to say, one year when I was about seven I overindulged in a big way on the tiny hot dogs, and ended up getting very sick at the party. I now have pretty mixed feelings towards them, although my family makes sure to serve them every Xmas eve.


Can you share a special holiday recipe?
Last year over the holidays I made from-scratch sticky buns that were amazingly satisfying. I used Flour’s recipe – SO good!

What gift(s) would you like to get for the holidays?
Anything involving a massage. Any sort of spa treatment sounds like such a special luxury for me.


What is your favorite Liddabit treat, and why?
My favorite is definitely the Humbug. Growing up, peppermint patties were my go-to candy, so anything with that mint/chocolate combo is instantly a winner. And the humbug is the perfect amount of sweet/salt/mint creamy crunch. My husband demands me to take home scraps when we start making it. [FYI, folks, you can ONLY get the Humbug bar in the Season’s Sweetings box! And it won’t be around forever…*hint hint* –Liz]