Eleven Days of Liddabit: Day Seven, Brahyam

Brahyam (he often just goes by Brian) is our head Industry City retail associate, and since he started with us this summer he’s basically made best friends with everyone in the building. Go for it, Brahyam!

Do you have a favorite holiday memory?
2002: My first Christmas with my fiancée and my newborn son. No, there were not a lot of gifts or much money at the time for gifts, but I had my own FAMILY!

flickr: amslerpix

flickr: amslerpix

What food do you only eat during the holidays?
Being from Guatemala, it’s traditional to eat tamales for the holidays. My mom would start early in the morning making the masa for the tamales, and I would help with burning the banana leaves that the tamales get wrapped in. The leaves give it flavor; there are other ingredients that go in the masa too, and then meat for the filling.


What is your favorite Liddabit treat, and why?
I remember being at Chelsea when I worked for Doughnuttery, working a double; and Robin [our former retail manager at Chelsea, who recently left to have a behbeh – Liz] offered me the broken sea salt caramel chocolate chip cookies that they weren’t gonna able to sell. I (needing a sugar rush to finish off my shift) gladly accepted…and that’s when my love for those cookies began. The sweetness of the chocolate and caramel alone is awesome; but when you taste the sea salt, it’s an explosion of flavor that makes it so unique and special.