Eleven Days of Liddabit: Day One, Tiffany

The holidays are upon us, friends…and, like it or not, ’tis the season to go overboard and spend time with all our crazy family members, eat a bunch of stuff we wouldn’t normally give a second glance to, and generally make merry.

We decided to think about some holiday questions for ourselves, and share them with you. We’ll be posting a new one every day with our ideal gifts, favorite treats, and recipes to share. Why eleven and not twelve? Well, you’ll find that out later 😉

In the meantime – enjoy! Tiffany, our newly promoted retail manager extraordinaire, is up first.

What gift would you like to receive this year for the holidays?
This year for the holidays I would love one million dollars but that might be pushing it…maybe I should put more thought into it? Aha! A car! That’s what I would like, a shiny car with a big red bow on it!

What’s your favorite holiday memory?
My favorite holiday memory is when I used to live in Long Island and I was about 13 years old. I remember waking up Christmas morning, and after having breakfast with my family we were allowed to go open our gifts. I remember running upstairs to the Christmas tree and not only did I get every single gift I had asked for that year, I also got more gifts than everyone else! The gift I remember most was this nail station that I couldn’t stop talking about. I did my nails that morning and basically every day I could get my hands on it. I even remember being allowed to wear them on picture day too!


What’s your favorite Liddabit treat?
My ultimate favorite Liddabit treats are the Chocolate Dipped Sea Salt Caramels. They’re the perfect combination of a few of my favorite things: chocolate, sea salt and caramel (yum)! I love how you get to taste each of those aspects separately; and, more importantly, all together as you keep chewing. Soooooo glad they’re back!