Eleven Days of Liddabit: Day Four, Lovely

Lovely is another brand-new associate at Chelsea Market (and yes, that is her real name; she’s just that awesome). Here are some of her holiday thoughts…

flickr: Alberto G.

flickr: Alberto G.

What gift(s) would you like to get for the holidays?
The gift I’m truly looking forward to is passing all of my final exams!

Do you have a favorite holiday memory?
I don’t really have one, but I used to love when all my family members would get together and have a big party.

What food do you only eat during the holidays?
I’m Haitian, so I eat a lot of Haitian foods during the holidays and they are all very delicious.


What is your favorite Liddabit treat, and why?
I love the sea salt caramel cookie and the Honeycomb! The sea salt caramel just melts in your mouth, and every time I try it I just want a glass of milk with it. I love the Honeycomb because of the combination of the dark chocolate and honey…so good!