Eleven Days of Liddabit: Day Five, Monique

Monique is another of our amazing kitchen production staff, and she wants you to take her gift request seriously.

flickr: caitlinator

flickr: caitlinator

What gift(s) would you like to get for the holidays? 

SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR. I’m serious. I lose socks all the time, and I go through them so fast. I’ve been saying this since I was a kid, and no one takes me seriously!

Do you have a favorite holiday memory?
Everyone in my family used to come over to my house for holiday dinners. My mom and I would slave all day (and the night before) to put on these grand dinners, and no one would help by bringing a dish, staying around to clean up, or invite us to their house for dinner. So, my mom went on strike. She made a huge pot of chicken soup, got apple cider, and made tater tots. We watched Good Will Hunting, talked, and laughed until the wee hours of the night. Still the best Xmas I’ve ever had.

IMG_7319What is your favorite Liddabit treat, and why?
Hm. I really love our Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, but we’ve really outdone ourselves with the Pumpkin Chookie. The deliciousness is real.