Eleven Days of Liddabit: Day Eight, Jessie

Jessie is one of our amazing production staff who also just happens to be our longest-standing employee (5 years and counting!). Whaddya got, Jessie?

Do you have a favorite holiday memory?
Decorating the tree with my mom and nana.

flickr: jenumfamily

flickr: jenumfamily

What food do you only eat during the holidays? Do you ever make anything special with a loved one?
I love eating roast pork and apple pie for the holidays! (I make the apple pie with my nana.)

What gift(s) would you like to get for the holidays? 
I’d like to get a foot massager please!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.57.35 PM

What is your favorite Liddabit treat, and why?
My favorite Liddabit treat is our chocolate chip cookies!