Doing My Best; or, Why I Am A Huge Liar (But You Forgive Me)

So I promised I’d be posting every Friday.  Aaaaand then I didn’t.  Whoops!  So, here’s the deal: I won’t make any more promises I can’t keep; and you will be cool with that.  OK?  OK!

So much of business is managing expectations – your own, your employees’, your customers’, your purveyors’.   When we started out, my first instinct, as a people-pleasing goody-goody, was to say yes.  Yes, we can fill that last-minute order!  Yes, we can send you samples to review!  Yes, yes, yes!  Don’t get mad please!

After a while, this isn’t tenable.  One of the most liberating things we ever did was learn how to say no.  No, I’m sorry, we can’t donate to your fundraiser this year.  No, I’m sorry, we can’t take on any more wholesale orders.  No, I’m sorry, your order wasn’t in by the deadline, so we can’t ship until next week.  I know you’re mad, but that’s just the way things are.  Let’s do a shot of Old Crow and shake hands.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not FUN saying no (we still hate doing it). But, in the long run, it’s necessary to keep everyone’s sanity intact

This is a long-winded way of saying: I will be posting often! But it might not be every week! And I hope that’s ok! Here is an adorable puppy!  LOOK AT THE PUPPY!

…ok, enough distraction.

So, it continues to be too hot for us to do the markets; and we’ve had to switch all our shipping over to Express, which is really expensive; plus the insulation and ice packs, which are also expensive.  The trials and tribulations of making perishable heat-sensitive goods…sigh.  But hey, here are a couple cool things!

  • Ever heard of the Vendy Awards? They’re awards given to the nominated-by-the-people, voted-on-by-expert-judges awards for street food vendors.  Here’s the thing – this year they have a category for Market Vendor in a non-prepared foods setting.  E.g., us.  So hey, we’re not here to tell you what to do; but if you feel like it, head on over to the Nominations page and give us a shout-out!  The competition’s tough, but we’re honored just to be (possibly) considered.
  • -Here’s a really cool piece on about collaboration; specifically in the Brooklyn food scene, but applicable to all kinds of scenarios.  We get a neato mention from our buddy Gaia over at By Brooklyn; and there’s a ton of really thought-provoking info in there too. Go check it out.

…OK, that’s all the news that’s fit to type.  Have a great weekend!

Liz and the Liddabit crew