Birthday Special(s) #3: Double Birthday Bonus

I’m real excited for this one, guys. The special for the website is super exciting for us, because we only started making these once we opened our Chelsea kiosk in 2013, and they immediately shot to the top of the charts (so to speak): the now-famous Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie.


There are a few things that make this cookie extra-special. First, it’s made with a special blend of flours and sugars that make for the perfect crispy-edges-and-soft-middle that we personally love so much. Secondly, as these lovely ladies point out, we use chocolate discs instead of traditional chips – and we use a lot of ’em. What’s the point of chocolate in a cookie if there’s not a healthy dose of it, you know?

But the crowning glory, as our new best friend and forever pastry hero David Lebovitz recently pointed out, is the puddle of caramel baked in the middle. It’s our classic vanilla Sea Salt caramel, but baking it turns it extra-chewy, adding another layer of texture to this lovely beast. And we sprinkle a little extra Maldon sea salt on top, because we just can’t get enough of the stuff.

These are a tad smaller than the ones currently on offer in our stores, but you do get a pair of them; so you can share if you like (or, if you’re like us, not). Up to you; no judgements here.

But wait, there’s more!


Today just happens to be the birthday of my co-founder, best friend, and kitchen genius Ms. Jennifer King; and because it’s a special occasion, she did what she always does on special occasions: made you something delicious.


We’re just calling it Jen’s Birthday Special, because words can’t contain the amazingness of this fabulous morsel: a disc of peanut butter crispy rice treat (made with our homemade ‘mallows, natch), topped with a confetti-sprinkled dollop of marshmallow, and dipped in dark chocolate. These are only available at Industry City and Chelsea Market, and only until this one batch sells out, so. In the immortal words of The Doors: the time to hesitate is through.