Beer and Pretzel “Nothing Short of Epic”

Us, you say?  Epic?  Oh, stop, stop.  …Okay go on.

Liddabit has been getting some pretty awesome and flattering press these days – check out what amNewYork had to say about the “cute young things at Liddabit” (it’s true, Liz and Jen are pretty cute) making “one of the greatest sweet-and-salty mash-ups since kettle corn.”  Any guesses as to which Liddabit product amNewYork thinks is so great?

Why, our famous beer and pretzel caramels, of course!

But wait, there’s more!  Not only did amNewYork find our beer and pretzel caramels “nothing short of epic,” but the folks over at The Village Voice seem to agree, dubbing the B&P the “Best Edible Repackaging of Beer” in 2010!

We couldn’t be happier for all of the beer and pretzel love – thanks, amNewYork and The Village Voice!

Want to partake in a bit of the epic-ness?  Come out to the Brooklyn Flea or the New Amsterdam Market tomorrow and Sunday and grab a six-pack!  If you haven’t tried them already, we’re guessing you’ve been trapped under something heavy for the past year or so – sorry about that.  Nothing like a bit of beer caramel to take the edge off.  See you this weekend!