Been Awhile

Imagine, if you will, a world in which I updated the blog not that long ago. (It’s a stretch, I know, but just try.) Got it? Good.

Now, imagine that I live in that world, inside my head. And imagine I spoke to two (TWO) people on the phone last week who pointed out to me that the blog hadn’t been updated since May. SINCE MAY. I was horrified. In my little magical bizarro-brain-world, it had only been a couple weeks. Maybe a month. But four months? Yoiks. It’s about time to fix that, I think.

To end the cliffhanger: WE MOVED IN TO THE NEW SPACE! We’ve been here a couple months now, and while we’ve hit our fair share of snags (mainly that it took two months to get the gas turned on), everything is humming along quite nicely. Want to check out the space? Sure you do!


Our main storage area isn’t the most exciting to look at, but everyone’s really happy to have a cubby space to put their stuff instead of just “uh, over there is fine, or on the floor, whatever.” You can’t see it from here, but the pegs where the aprons are hanging? They are tiny adorable birds. That’s just how we roll.

This is where all the magic happens: The kitchen. Here’s the view from the hall…


…and here are our amazing new machines: Jan (our Firemixer, where all the caramel is now made in huge, lovely, consistently golden brown batches), lil’ buddy stovetop, and badass double-decker ovens.


Whenever these are running, we have the crazy venting system we had to install going, and the suction is so strong that it’s actually difficult to open the door when the vent is on. That’s how you know ish is getting DONE.


Here’s the chocolate room, where all the — you guessed it* — chocolate work goes on. It’s insulated from the rest of the space and has its own little A/C unit, so it’s always nice and cool and dry in here.

*Frank Stallone! (Just kidding.)


And this is the office, where Joan and I do most of our work. We just got a couple shiny new computers, as you can see, which makes both of us really happy as we don’t need to lug laptops to work every single day now. (That gets hard on the shoulders after a while.) Artwork on the walls and more homey touches TBD.


Check out the final product room! This has been one of the trickiest rooms for us to set up, since it’s such a weird, narrow shape. Some reorganization is definitely in the cards, but for now it’s working pretty well.


This is also where we cut and wrap all our caramels in-house with George, our Model K kiss machine. We think he’s about 100 years old, and he’s got a bit of a personality, but he gets the job done.


And here’s the new retail space (such as it is). We have all kinds of exciting things in store for it, so stay tuned for more specific retail-related updates…

I’ve also enlisted help with keeping the blog up to date: our very own Monique has been blogging for years and has agreed to do some guest posting here on kitchen goings-on as well as her own adventurous (and mouthwatering) outings in our fair city of Ye Newe Yorke. Welcome, Monique!