The Crew


Joan Baker

Our finance and operations director, inventory queen, and all-around genius right-hand-woman-turned-partner Joan Baker became our first full-time employee in July of 2010.  Joan was a classmate at FCI, and has worked in the kitchens of the famed Del Posto and Park Avenue Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter, as well as the West Village cupcake haven Sweet Revenge.  She brings loads of talent, an unmatched work ethic, and superior organizational skills to the kitchen, and she can be found at most major events we do.  She’s also a dedicated runner who has finished in the New York City Marathon, and has gotten the rest of the kitchen healthier by example.  Thanks, Joan!

Michelle Miller

Michelle is another FCI alum.  She proved her mettle in the godless no-man’s-land that is The Holidays (2011 edition), and is now an indispensable part of our production team.  A CT native, her sterling work ethic, wackadoo-friendly sense of humor, and love of karaoke earned her swift and total acceptance into the Liddabit family. Michelle’s fashion background has also served her well here, and she spends all her extra time off (jkjk) helping to make our retail spaces beautiful and cohesive.

Monique Henry

Monique started working for us part-time in 2012, and we couldn’t be happier to have her in the kitchen full-time these days. Along with her mad baking skills, Mo brings an unrivaled obsession with food to the team. All of the food. Making it, eating it, photographing it, writing about it…well, you get the idea. We’re always amazed at the amount of awesome stuff Monique manages to do in her spare time (Concerts! Hockey games! Trips to Austin!), and do our best to live through her vicariously.



Tiffany Vigilance

Tiffany joined us in the summer of 2013 as one of our opening staff for the Chelsea retail store. When our original manager Robin left Liddabit to have a baby, we promoted Tiffany to manager and she’s been making sure everything runs smoothly ever since! And yes, that is her real name – we’re convinced she leads a secret life as a superhero, but have yet to catch her in the act of fighting crime.

Our outstanding retail staffers Cyrenne, Lovely, Shoyann, and Brahyam all make our Industry City customers feel welcome and informed every day. Please make sure to say hi to them when you stop by!