Molly Gilbert

Molly was our first intern in fall 2009, our first employee in early 2010, and is the writer/photographer of the delightful blog Dunk & Crumble.  She interned in the test kitchen at Saveur magazine, and now lives in Seattle.  We miss the heck out of her; but, as we’ve learned from our own mentors, eventually you just have to let ’em go.  We are enormously proud – Go Molly!


Marisa Wu

Marisa made the change to food from the cushy laid-back environment of film production, and we were lucky to have her.  After stints at Williamsburg’s The Meat Hook and Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Gowanus, she found her way to the Liddabit kitchen in 2010.  Now Marisa is forging her own path with her company Salty Road, where she handcrafts unbelievably silky and delicious saltwater taffy in an array of exotic flavors.


Brendan Yi-Fu Tay

Brendan was another career changer, and came to us in 2010 looking to try something a little different.  He’s one of the best sports we know – you have to be, as the pioneering guy in a kitchen full of ladies – and now works as a builder and a performer with The Puppet Kitchen.  (Yes, as in puppet puppets.  Yes, we agree it is super cool.)