Aaaaand they’re off!


Soooo, we wrote this cookbook?  And then someone published it?  And then it was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public?  And then we had a party?  And it was super fun?

Many many many thanks again to those who came out to celebrate with us — and to those who couldn’t, no worries!  You can check out some coverage here and here.  We also leave for our book tour on Wednesday, so hopefully we can catch you somewheres in or near your hometown.

Speaking of the book tour: we’re starting to get really excited, and also terrified.  What if we’re late to something?  What if our flights are delayed/canceled?  What if we accidentally swear on TV?  Well, we’re just trying to breathe deep and stay calm.  SERENITY NOW.  …See?  It’s already working.

image: openclipart

At any rate, I’m hoping to be blogging along the way; so I’ll do my best to keep the Twitter feed updated with our markets; which, from here on out, will be the DUMBO Smorgasburg Market and New Amsterdam Market, both on Sunday.  But here you’ll mostly be seeing photos and stories of our travels across the country.  Wish us luck, and hope to see you there!


Much love,

Liz and Jen