A Day at Liddabit

I’m often asked what a typical day is like at Liddabit. The short (and unsatisfying) response is that there really is no one typical day – some days I spend the entire time in the office writing emails, some days I’m running around to meetings all day. But I’ll do my best to catalog an average-ish day for me (Liz). This is from Monday; enjoy the wacky rollercoaster that is my life!*

An organized workspace is an essential…oh, whatever.

9:07am – get to the kitchen. I’m perpetually 5 to 8 minutes late to everything. I’m working on it. Check in with Jen and the kitchen, then with Joan about what administrative stuff needs to be done for the day.

9:16am – make some tea. I’m trying to drink less coffee. I don’t really have any good reason except that I feel like it’s something I’m supposed to do. Luckily I really like tea, too.

9:17am-9:54am – write and respond to emails. Yes, we can send you some photos for your blog! No, we won’t pay money to donate free product to a ‘celebrity suite’! Sure, we do wedding favors! No, that item isn’t in stock right now! Yes, let’s meet up and talk about sea salt!

9:55am – marvel that it’s almost 10. How is it almost 10?

9:54am-11:42am – more emails. It never ceases to amaze me how much time it takes to write and respond to emails. Press inquiries and business inquiries take up a lot of this time, usually; but we’re working on closing a loan right now (post on that process forthcoming) so lately I’ve been spending much of my email-time-budget on following up with loan closing requirements – insurance quotes, legal documents, financial statements, all kinds of thrilling things like that. Business!


11:43am – go bother Jen, Jessie, Michelle and Monique in the kitchen. Possibly have a short dance party or debate Uncle Jessie vs. Zack Morris. Definitely swipe some candy bar scraps or a cookie.

11:49am-1:18pm – work on a longer project, like a newsletter or blog post (oooh, meta!).

1:19-1:58pm – lunch. Today it was macaroni and cheese with mushrooms and caramelized onions from Milk Truck. Tuesdays are Mama O’s/Delaney BBQ kimchi/brisket fried rice; Wednesdays are BYO; Thursdays are Sfoglini pasta; Fridays are wild card.

1:59pm-2:05pm – watch adorable animal videos with Joan. She always finds the best ones.

2:06pm-3:24pm – yelling at people. This is not real yelling at people; I just call it that to make myself sound more ‘executive.’ It’s phone time that covers anything from dealing with insurance and taxes and such; following up with press/potential customers/business contacts; or asking Verizon to PLEASE REMOVE CALLER ID FROM OUR BILL, THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME I’VE CONTACTED YOU AND I’M SICK OF ASKING, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME.

3:25-3:38pm – rage and/or kombucha break.

3:39-4:16pm – start gathering product to photograph for Valentine’s Day. Bust out the mini-lightbox I bought two years ago for this purpose and have used about twice.

Post-shoot pile o’ sweets.

4:17-5:32pm – shoot truffles and candy bars. Food photography is rilly hard, you guys. Never doubt the skill of someone who can take a dark brown thing, cut it in half to reveal its dark brown interior, put it on a white background, and shoot it so that it looks both pretty and delicious. I’m slowly learning, but until we have a bigger budget for this stuff I’m the de facto in-house photographer.

5:33pm-5:40pm – shut it down. We try and get out of the kitchen at 5pm most days, though as owners Jen’s and my responsibilities often extend beyond that time frame. I’m fried, so I’ll edit the photos tomorrow. Pack up my stuff and go home.


*see, it’s funny, because most of this stuff is fairly mundane!