Happy New Year, friends!  We’re happy to report that we made it through the 2010 holiday season with only minor caramel burns and very minimal brain damage.  Now onto 2011!

We’re back in the kitchen cooking up some fantastic new treats to ruin all of your resolutions and get you ready for Valentine’s day!  Don’t you just love Valentine’s Day?  Or maybe you loathe it with the fire of a thousand suns?  Either way, we’re ready for you.

Enter: Chocolate Doom!

See that?  That’s a layer of salted cocoa sable cookie topped with some milk chocolate ganache and then a bit of whipped white chocolate… all wrapped up purdy in a nice coating of …more chocolate.  So whether you’re a lover or loather of Valentine’s Day, the Doom bar is guaranteed to supply you with enough chocolate to either A. dazzle your lover or B. drown your sorrows.  Or, maybe you just like to eat chocolate upon chocolate upon chocolate?  That’s fine, too.  The Chocolate Doom will be available starting this weekend at the Flea.

Check in next week to find out which Valentine’s Day sweet we’ll be unveiling next!  (Hint: they’re heart-shaped and delicious.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you).